At Mayhem Bait Co. we take a multi faceted approach to our systems by focusing on what we call the four S’s of successful fish attractants. 

Scent: When targeting a specific species in various waters, regions or seasons, the most successful approach is to use a scent that closely matches their most sought after prey. A good bait scent should be as natural as possible. At Mayhem Bait Co. that means focusing primarily on using real bait with a secondary emphasis on specific, high quality and natural amino acids and other bite stimulants that have demonstrated an ability to entice a feeding response in fish. No games, no gimmicks.  

Sustenance: We like to refer to Liquid Mayhem as the ultimate “fishin nutrition” since our bait scents are made from the same food sources that your target species forage on every day. Whether it's saltwater or freshwater, our formulas are both diverse and species specific. 

Staying power: Many bait scents are messy, difficult to apply, or wash off after one or two casts.  Liquid Mayhem is formulated into a sticky matrix that grabs the bait and holds on. Creating the perfect balance between the hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties of our formulas is key to its success. Our gels are sufficiently hydrophobic to repel water and create a super strong bond to the bait while also having hydrophilic properties to ensure a constant time release of scent into the water.  Good for as long as 30 minutes, our gels mean less mess and more time in the water. 

Strength: By strong we mean super concentrated. While our packages look small, our product goes a long way! Don’t be fooled by attractants that come in huge spray containers. With Liquid Mayhem, a small dab is all that you'll need.  Our single 2 ounce tubes fit nicely into your tackle box and will outlast most larger, watered down containers by a country mile.

How well do our scents work?  Check out our Moments of Mayhem page to see real results!


Check out our moments of mayhem page to see real results!

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